it’s [finally] beginning to feel like christmas

i can’t seem to get into the christmas spirit until after the actual christmas day is over.  up till then, it’s just deadlines and timetables and to-do lists.  for me, emotional christmas is the time between when we return from our traveling and the freundly new year’s eve bash.  even better if, like this year, we save some presents to open and host a houseguest or two.  (woo mom visit!)  the lights on the house are so sparkly, and the tree’s so nice, and i can listen to christmas music and experiment with holiday recipes without feeling like the clock’s ticking.

i think next year, i might advocate having christmas at our place…or at least staying here for the holidays.  i’d love to actually DO something with our stockings…filling them a week after the fact makes me feel like a yahoo.

and MAN is it raining out there.  just hurling rain against the windows.  O.O  time to go snuggle up with my pookie…


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  1. freundlyfolk said,

    December 29, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    yeah, it’s kinda bringing me down too. ben wants to take the tree down before the new year’s bash, but it saddens me, because i don’t feel like we’ve spent any quality time just basking in the glow of the lights…and besides, i dig our tree and want to share the happiness with folks at the party… >.>

    and we’re totally talking the family into coming out here next year! it’s about time for another visit, and i grow weary of doing all the traveling.


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