what price vanity?

it’s no secret i hate my weight.  i figure i’ve got about 60, 70 lbs to lose, easy.  maybe even 80.  but it appears that self-reproach isn’t enough motivation to do something about it.

i think it hurts my get-up-and-go that it’s really not a health issue.  despite the fact that i’m carrying extra weight, i’m in relatively decent shape, i’m active, and i don’t have any health issues (apart my hereditarly  bad knees).  it’s really a matter of image and confidence, aka–says the voice in my head–vanity.  and i just  can’t seem to fit such frivolity into my schedule.

we’ve established in the past that i work better in a group.  i can pencil in a class, feel like someone’s waiting for me to show up, and end up going on a regular basis.  plus, it’s fun.  however, classes in this area run between $60 and $80 per month (for about 8 sessions).

i’ve got a nice gym membership — at $12/month, it’s a great deal…if i go.   but it doesn’t include classes.  i’m trying to convince myself to just GO and WORK OUT.

i love to walk, and there’s some nice safe sidewalks around my neighborhood, not to mention the lake near work.  but somehow (again) there never seems to be time in the schedule for random wanderings.

i’m in the market for ideas. >.<



  1. krishyana said,

    January 9, 2008 at 11:05 am

    yeah i hear ya on this one hon. classes are so expensive here! and while it makes me go, it’s a lot of money for something that seems to go by so quickly. our gym membership is a steal, we just have to find a good time now to go. i think weekends might be good for some gym time. i really enjoyed last night’s walk! it was great to get out, stretch our legs, and get some fresh air. it was great to have someone to talk to cuz steve never wants to just chat on a walk. let’s think about the best way to do this 😉 brainstorm incoming!

  2. freundlyfolk said,

    January 10, 2008 at 12:29 am

    1) i seriously doubt you have 80 pounds to lose. that’s like MY necessary amount, and i easily outweigh you by double digits higher than 30. silly girl.

    2) i’d help you brainstorm on workout ideas, but my brain shrivels at the thought. exercise is best when it’s fun, but i have yet to manage to associate the two words without using the word “not” somewhere in there. but i’m always game to tag along for free activities! ^^

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