man up, nancy.

i’m a whiner.  but i don’t just settle for the basic “but i can’t doooooooo this!”  oh, no.  i wrap my whine in a warm blanket of logic and self-analysis.  “you see, it’s not that i don’t WANT to do this.  i just can’t, BECAUSE….blahblahblah.”  it’s like putting a grain of truth in a lie, and it makes the self-defeating sentiments all the harder to dispute.

one of the things i really respect about WW — and my group leader in particular — is that they don’t buy it.  if you follow the rules and make sure you’re getting the right amounts of water, veggies, healthy oils, exercise, etc, you WILL lose weight.  my leader is proof, the two ladies sitting in front of me in meetings are proof, heck, my little gold star from last week is proof.  the website has a science section that systematically shoots down all those comforting excuses and myths and theories that justify “i can’t.”

i worry when my weight loss slows to a fraction of a pound.  negative thoughts come flooding in.  this was too good to be true…i should have known i couldn’t keep it going…fattyfatfatterson.  and then i look at my weekly point tracker, and nooooo…it wasn’t genes, or big bones, or the phase of the moon.  it was because over the course of 7 days, i drank 20 oz of water, instead of the recommended 3500.  or i abandoned veggies.  or i spent the whole time sitting on my ass.   it’s trackable, and it’s explainable.

and that means it’s overcomable.

if i don’t achieve the goals i’ve set for myself, it will be because i just didn’t put in the requisite effort.  it’s that simple…and that scary.  as i type, i feel the chill breeze of accountability curling around me.  i can’t blame this on other things or other people; the time for whining is over, and all my excuses have been shot down like skeet on a firing range.  i’ve got the support; i’ve got the tools; the motivation is up to me.

motivation like looking at the ideal weight for my height/age, and realizing i’m 50lbs on the wrong side of that.  at a pound or two a week, that’s such a long way from here. and yet, cliche, journey begins, cliche, single step, yadda, yadda, blah.

some people have an angel or a devil on their shoulder.  i have doctor cox.



  1. krishyana said,

    March 28, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    you go girl!!! i think having doctor cox on your shoulder is a pretty good motivator huh? hehe i know i was bummed when i went back up a little, thinking oh no, too good to be true.. still hitting the same wall.. etc etc… what did i do? not eat enough veggies and drink enough water or move enough! hehe so when i look at it , i realize it’s overcomeable and it i have to face myself hehe. i’m here to support ya! you can do it! we can do it!

  2. freundlyfolk said,

    March 28, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    skeet skeet skeet…
    ok, silliness aside, it’s awesome that you’re acknowledging all this. you’re moving past the excuses and the justifications, and you’re holding yourself accountable. that’s way more than i could do, and i’m proud of you. 😀

  3. perhapsody said,

    March 28, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    thanks for the support…but stephanieee, i saw that last statement! shenanigans, woman! you are smart and determined and talented and wonderful, and you can do anything. you could do this just as well as i — and probably better!


    hugs for both of you 😀

  4. hannahbella said,

    April 2, 2008 at 9:55 am

    Grats for realizing that the real logic is looking at the facts of the situation and not focusing on the excuses! I personally like to focus on how I’m too tired to get up and work out or how I just don’t have time in my day. Even though I know that if I do just go walk around for 30min it’s better than nothing, and I do tend to spend two hours watching tv… interesting how that works. 🙂 It’s hard to stay focused and stick to a plan long enough to see results and I’m very impressed with what you ladies are doing… good job!

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