notes from the garden

our yard, if i do say so, is looking pretty damn hot right now. not only because it’s like satan’s sauna out there today, but because we have gotten phase two of garden renovation to the final stages, and it’s finally starting to resemble our original vision.

upper bank weed-ate, check.
lower yard mowed, check.
bulb garden weeded, check.
birdfeeder garden created and morning glories planted, check!
arbor day bushes all doing their bushy thing, check.
awesome tree of awesome planted, check!
giant pointy bushes trimmed around the front of the house, check!

and it’s only going to get better. brecks was having a giant sale (the 70% off kind), so i picked me up these…and some of these…and a couple of those…and this little guy…and oh yeah, that.

some of them will go in the woefully-neglected front yard, some beside the screen porch on the shady side. the others will be part of next season’s patio container garden.

i’m very excited. especially about the mimosa!!!!!!


1 Comment

  1. freundlyfolk said,

    May 29, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    oooh…i might have to check around on breck’s website…!
    your yard is gonna be AWESOME! i still say we need to put a hobbit door in the hill though… 😀

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