Closed comments, my muscular buttocks

Don’t know why I can’t reply to Mel’s recent posts on HER blog, but pfft…you can’t deny me comments!  So…

YAY 13 POUNDS!!!!! That’s a lot — and don’t you say otherwise!  Your loss is showing all over you, not just on the scale, and don’t forget the old cliche about muscle.  All that running you’re doing is going to be affecting your numbers. 🙂  Your pics from LegacyCon look hawt, and your pants are falling off you (two unrelated things, hehe).  And your seamstress can’t even get your bridesmaid dress small enough!  Need we say more??

This is definitely a day for fleecy pants, hot coffee, and doggie snuggles.  With any luck, now that I’ve got this written, I can sneak out of work and make it a day for Spore too.



1 Comment

  1. krishyana said,

    September 10, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    hehe ginny you rock!! in all this you have been so encouraging and helpful and never ever do you let me give up even when i want to!! you have been a great friend and resource to help motivate me in the right direction –> the losing pounds-aww-yeah-baby direction ;). (ps. i am sorry about the closed comments…. i dunno how that happened but i think i fixed it… i think anyway, not sure what i did in the first place aside from poke around in the settings a bit…. heheeh)

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