a more just, verdant and peaceful world

it’s pledge season.  my npr shows are peppered with appeals for donations, my workplace has whole book of worthy causes, and both my inbox and mailbox overfloweth with reminders of the poor and  hungry among us.

in past years, i’ve greeted this influx with a mixture of guilt and stress,  muttering “yeah, yeah…i’ll get to it…” as i changed the channel or added the envelope to the black hole of Things To Look At Later on my desk.  but for some reason, now I find myself looking for opportunities to give.

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of barn doors and horses, and memorials and things…

so this past saturday was the memorial service, and despite a burgeoning sore throat and ever-increasing chest congestion, we headed off to south carolina to pay our respects.

i came away with a few impressions*, some of which i will try very hard to sublimate after this post.

*may be kinda graphic

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