You know what’s really gross?

The idea that anyone finds breast-feeding — or the associated state of a naked woman holding a baby — “pornographic.”

I mean, really.  The idea is absurd and insulting.  Ignore for the moment that somehow the breast has become completely divorced from its actual biological purpose, replaced in the Western collective mind as ZOMGBOOBIES–SEEEEEX.  Ignore further that apparently SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, gets their rocks off on a picture involving a newborn baby, and ignore that apparently THIS is ok, whereas the natural mammalian feeding method is not.

Are we really such depraved creatures that skin-on-skin contact of any sort can ONLY lead inevitably to a sexual encounter? Are we gonna call those naked-baby-in-the-tub pictures child porn, cus OMG I SEE HIS WEE-WEE??

It makes me wonder about the people who would label the interaction of mother and child as such…I’m thinking that they and their perverted focus on sex are much less safe for my kids than the image of a naked breast with a baby attached. (Follow that linky for a sampling of the pictures that Facebook has deemed “obscene” and removed.  And just for good measure, a lot of the accounts were banned too!)


You know, nobody thought breast-feeding was weird in CAVEMAN times.  Don’t make me wish we were still living in holes in the ground, foraging for weeds, Facebook!


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