Maybe it’s not futile

I actually heard part one of this story when it aired.  This part:

Mohammed Taha is pushed to school by his brother Amjad

You can see Mohammed and Amjad’s school from their front door, about 200 yards away, just down the alley.

When I was there last week the school’s windows were catching the morning sun as Mohammed, eight, teetered in the entrance of his home, holding on to the doorframe.

He has cerebral palsy, so his big brother Amjad, 12, parks his wheelchair, puts on the brake and lifts him in.

He’s been doing it since Mohammed started school two years ago.

They wave goodbye to their mother and set off.

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my Dear John election

Last night, when the ones who decide such things announced that Barack Obama would become the next president, I hear that the country — and parts of the world — erupted in cheers, tears, and hugs of joy. In my living room, I just sat there, staring blankly at the TV.  It didn’t seem real, and I felt profoundly disconnected from the excitement pictured there. I tried to summon some emotion — our guy won!  Nothing.

I wandered upstairs, where Mikey was watching the election aftermath in the office.  He looked at me and asked, “what’s wrong?” but I didn’t know.  The only word that came to mind was bereft.  I went to bed, and sometime around midnight, while I was staring morosely into the darkness, I finally found words for this strange depression. Read the rest of this entry »

oh write…it’s that time again.


yes, yes, I know.  you come up with a literary pun on the spur of the moment.

Should prolly attempt to do this one year.

a more just, verdant and peaceful world

it’s pledge season.  my npr shows are peppered with appeals for donations, my workplace has whole book of worthy causes, and both my inbox and mailbox overfloweth with reminders of the poor and  hungry among us.

in past years, i’ve greeted this influx with a mixture of guilt and stress,  muttering “yeah, yeah…i’ll get to it…” as i changed the channel or added the envelope to the black hole of Things To Look At Later on my desk.  but for some reason, now I find myself looking for opportunities to give.

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of barn doors and horses, and memorials and things…

so this past saturday was the memorial service, and despite a burgeoning sore throat and ever-increasing chest congestion, we headed off to south carolina to pay our respects.

i came away with a few impressions*, some of which i will try very hard to sublimate after this post.

*may be kinda graphic

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pound foolish

This was a hard week for me.  Normally, eating out isn’t stressful — I’ve got my well-worn restaurant points bible, and the internet is a wealth of information, so I can generally feel pretty confident about what’s going in my body.

But of course, the asterisk on the end of that sentence refers to some problematic fine print: “unless it’s home-cooked (by someone else).”  No ingredient lists there, and you can’t really interrogate your host about the finer points of his cookery during a party.  You’re left with a wing, a prayer, and a hope that the salad dressing on the buffet isn’t hiding some nefarious secret.

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Closed comments, my muscular buttocks

Don’t know why I can’t reply to Mel’s recent posts on HER blog, but pfft…you can’t deny me comments!  So…

YAY 13 POUNDS!!!!! That’s a lot — and don’t you say otherwise!  Your loss is showing all over you, not just on the scale, and don’t forget the old cliche about muscle.  All that running you’re doing is going to be affecting your numbers. 🙂  Your pics from LegacyCon look hawt, and your pants are falling off you (two unrelated things, hehe).  And your seamstress can’t even get your bridesmaid dress small enough!  Need we say more??

This is definitely a day for fleecy pants, hot coffee, and doggie snuggles.  With any luck, now that I’ve got this written, I can sneak out of work and make it a day for Spore too.


that’s all right, cus my body’s in motion

There’s certainly dancing of some sort going on this week.  DOWN THIRTY POUNDS, BABY.  THIR. TY.  POUNDS.  That’s three gallons of milk plus a sack of potatoes (so says the handy-dandy WW weight-tracker).  That’s two dress sizes (give or take).  That’s not being self-conscious about my enormous ass in my hip-hugging workout pants.  That’s having to buy a new bathing suit before this weekend, cus my old one might very well stay in the pool when I get out. O.o

And speaking of working out, I’m gonna go ahead and label myself as certifiable here.  I forgot how much I enjoy working out in the morning.  I mean, once you get past the initial alarm-going-off-way-too-early, lie-in-bed-and-yell-at-yourself-until-you-get-vertical stage, it’s not near as bad as you expect.  It wakes me up, makes me feel productive as I start my day, and gives me an extra 4-point buffer for my food intake. And it seems to be paying off.

I’m in motion in other ways too, some of which are going to truncate this post until a less errandy time.  I’ve got almost all of the mats for the LegacyCon Roffle prizes, but I’ve gotta swing by Joann’s and get stuff to make an EPIC SWAG BAG, and find something that a person bent on WORLD DOMINATION would use to store their stuff.  Not to mention actually MAKING and DECORATING all these things…

It’s gonna be cool, though.  We’ve got 4 prize packs: the Guild Bank, Biscuits!, World Domination, and Epix.  There’s toys, munchies, gift cards, apparel…all kinds of awesome.  There’s even an appearance by everyone’s favorite Bear.  😀

And now, I’m off to head out into the rain for the aforementioned errand run, so I have time to go home and lie down before dinner tonight.


for Deb

every star is a setting sun

On August 6, my grandmother passed away.  She went quietly, in her sleep, and thanks to increased morphine, without pain.

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