that’s all right, cus my body’s in motion

There’s certainly dancing of some sort going on this week.  DOWN THIRTY POUNDS, BABY.  THIR. TY.  POUNDS.  That’s three gallons of milk plus a sack of potatoes (so says the handy-dandy WW weight-tracker).  That’s two dress sizes (give or take).  That’s not being self-conscious about my enormous ass in my hip-hugging workout pants.  That’s having to buy a new bathing suit before this weekend, cus my old one might very well stay in the pool when I get out. O.o

And speaking of working out, I’m gonna go ahead and label myself as certifiable here.  I forgot how much I enjoy working out in the morning.  I mean, once you get past the initial alarm-going-off-way-too-early, lie-in-bed-and-yell-at-yourself-until-you-get-vertical stage, it’s not near as bad as you expect.  It wakes me up, makes me feel productive as I start my day, and gives me an extra 4-point buffer for my food intake. And it seems to be paying off.

I’m in motion in other ways too, some of which are going to truncate this post until a less errandy time.  I’ve got almost all of the mats for the LegacyCon Roffle prizes, but I’ve gotta swing by Joann’s and get stuff to make an EPIC SWAG BAG, and find something that a person bent on WORLD DOMINATION would use to store their stuff.  Not to mention actually MAKING and DECORATING all these things…

It’s gonna be cool, though.  We’ve got 4 prize packs: the Guild Bank, Biscuits!, World Domination, and Epix.  There’s toys, munchies, gift cards, apparel…all kinds of awesome.  There’s even an appearance by everyone’s favorite Bear.  😀

And now, I’m off to head out into the rain for the aforementioned errand run, so I have time to go home and lie down before dinner tonight.



for Deb

every star is a setting sun

On August 6, my grandmother passed away.  She went quietly, in her sleep, and thanks to increased morphine, without pain.

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