everything goes somewhere…

and apparently, i go everywhere.

what a difference a decade makes.  call me unplugged, but it had been a while since i’d googled myself.  last time was probably, oh five-six years ago, not too long after we moved out here.  at that time, the most i found of myself was a few articles from the sylva herald, and some cached carolinian reviews.  nothing too incriminating.  oh, i think my own online portfolio was active then too.

well, so tonight i was playing with the googles, trying to find some old high school friends (no luck), and in the process, looked for me.

in the top two returns, i found my name, phone, home address, (almost) current job, college, facebook profile pic and link, symposium website, and perhaps most disconcerting, linkedin profile.

the disconcerting part was that i have never signed up for linkedin, to my knowledge.  yet somehow, i am looking for contract work and “getting back in touch,” and i can’t view my own full profile because I DON’T HAVE A LINKEDIN ACCOUNT.  i know it’s just one of those things, but it feels very weird to have information about myself out there that i can’t immediately access.

at least there weren’t any videos out there under my name — paranoia may go back to sleep.  i did find an incredibly old picture from my college publishing class under my maiden name, and the picture that the herald ran with my profile in 2001, but all things considered, i guess a relatively uninvasive internet experience?

still, feeling pretty outed. O.o


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